Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help Is On the Way


As your nearest neighbors in the Milky Way
we constantly monitor signals from Earth
on all wavelengths--
including some quantum tantric wavelengths
you've never heard of.
For millions of years
the message from Gaia was the same.

"Leave us alone.
No problem here that we can't solve ourselves."

Recently the Earth signal changed
to one of distress.
And we are hurrying there to help.
As we live some distance away
It will be some time before we reach Earth.

So that you may prepare for our arrival
we are resending your message
(at great expense)
back to you
at faster-than-light speed.

Message from Earth (44*116*775)

"We are helpless to control their numbers.
Please send something
that will eat people."

(Channelled from Extraterrestrials.
Or so they represented themselves.)

1 comment:

metaphor messiah said...

oh thank heavens ... to paraphrase Heideggar: only the extrterrestrials can save us, since we don't seem to be capable of it ourselves ...