Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lifting the Veil of a New Sensual Science


Why waste so much of our money on weapons?
Why are we counting our kills?
Where is our liquid yohimbe?
Where are our new hard-on pills?

Where are our sentient dildos?
Where are our pussies that talk?
Our college of tantric mathematics?
Our computerized orgasm parks?

Where are the sexual executives
Lining up to please MY private parts?
Where are the sensual professionals?
The kingdom and queendom of hearts?

Could physicists be our priests and rabbis?
And mathematicians be our seraphim?
Can we find hot new ways to praise Her Mystery
As we lift the veils from Nature's Quim?

If physics is our new religion
Our mosques the science institutes
Then where's our wild-eyed wanton groupies?
Where's our sacred prostitutes?

What are our physicists doing
With their Geiger counters and Lead?
What has our science discovered
That I can use in my bed?

Where are the new radiations
That can thrill us like X-Rays can't do?
And new forms of material entanglement
That could stick us together like glue?

If we can spend billions on bombers
Why can't we spend millions on drugs
That make us ALL better lovers?
Our arms, were they not made for hugs?

And our cocks for blissful coitus?
And our cunts for mysterious ends?
Our minds for devising new pleasures?
For our spirits unspeakable blends

With goddesses, gods, elementals
With creatures that barely exist
With ravenous extraterrestrials
With virgins that no one has kissed?

We want to wallow like piglets in tantra
Remold our broad swords into plows
Don't promise us cum in the future
I want my full-body naturegasm NOW.


JujuMama LLC said...

OMG - Totally Blissed and Highly Orgasmic. I feel the alignment of you and me and I see what is moving and happening, you see? I love you! I am going to post this poem on my blog and tell the world about you! I do, really, I actually love you! The point of the poem is that the Quantum Sexual revolution, no evolution that you give dripping life to is the end to WAR - point blank and period. That is it. Over. Kaput. Done. Begun is life as it was once upon a nation who walked without clothing, where breasts were swinging free. A land where men and boys were chosen, and accepted merrily. A land where women choosers as they were, could chose more than two or three. A place where people lived their lives ecstatically WILD and FREE.
Did I say I love you? We have to talk...

Thank you for BEING.

JujuMama xoxoxo

William Brandon Shanley said...

Fantastic! Melts in your mind and in your hands. Keep going... Brilliant.

AliceInBondageLand said...

My ladyparts tingle in agreement. :-)