Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Uncut SF, tentacle sucking SF, uncensored, unfit for human consumption SF, free dope SF, things that men should not know SF, quantum tantric ultimate pleasure SF, naked SF--the kind men like, big-breasted SF, terrorist SF, fully erect SF, in your face SF, universe disturbing SF, what you've been waiting for all your life SF.

Flourish of trumpets. A new issue of Rudy Rucker's FLURB has arrived.

This stuff is raw meat. Some of it will be quite disturbing even to jaded sophisticates. I was amused by Charlie Anders's nanoengineered masturbation cream (Henry's Penis). I was pleasurably spooked by Rudy Rucker's creepy self-help parasites (Bad Ideas). But nothing frightened me so much as Carter Scholz's Bad Pennies. Science fiction is fun because it's fiction-play, but Scholz's story's too close to Real to be laughed away. Read and enjoy Rudy's imaginative new webzine, but stay away from Bad Pennies.

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