Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nick's Home Page Updated

Sometime in the early nineties, through the generosity of JJ Webb, I acquired my first website--the ultimate in vanity press! First I coded it in bare HTML and then with a primitive WYSIWYG web editor. Amused myself by putting up wierd shit that interested me and that might possibly interest other kindred souls. Surprised me that my make-shift site attracted tens of thousands of viewers.

After I started this blog I rather neglected my old home page which began to suffer seriously from staleness of content and "link rot". So today I went back and began to clean up this old site, removing the failed links and adding new material. It's still pretty raw--Nick Herbert's Home Page--but I invite you to check it out. It contains links to old buddies of mine, biographical details about the checkered career of Doctor Jabir, preposterous papers I could not have published anywhere but on the web and plenty of miscellaneous. Also links to sites I like--both colorful and controversial.

I'm hoping by the end of the week to complete the link Jabir's Secrets--an absolutely essential guide to anyone foolish enough to seek Ultimate Truth in today's New Dark Age of Misdirection.


iona miller said...

New stuff looks good.

Pls note my homepage at geocities is a dead link [they discontinued free web service] and can be chged to


lost said...

Have had "trouble" with reality myself in many ways apart from the idea it does not seem "all that right" at times.Nevertheless more important to me is that stuff about one"s consciouness//creating reality//quantum and how all this relates to a creator with those creator traits like naming things,the experience stuff,the urge to create and all that.To avoid any confusion over the theories involved i tend to view the creator stuff and also see the individual consciousness to unfurling reality stuff as"namings"
as I call it.I still much to get to
understand regarding consciousness and the unfurling of reality but I
have seen many examples of things happening that one was looking for in reality ---some of them very much the silly indeed but have lot to get to grips with yet.