Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Equinox Prize

The winners of the 3 Quarks Daily Arts and Literature Prize were announced today. Alas, my quantum tantra entry The New Sex Robot was not among those chosen for this prestigious award. I thank all of you who voted for me and also the judges whose job was made difficult by the high quality of the entries. The 3QD editors timed this prize for the Spring Equinox. And for the contemplation of Jabir's Formula--quantum tantra's primary axiom--what better excuse than Spring? So here is an Equinox prize for you.

I want to woo Her not view Her
Pet Reality until She purrs
Longing to merge with Dame Nature bodily
Yearning to mingle my substance with Hers
And them content with merely observing
Are nothing but Nature's voyeurs.

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