Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ferdinand Feghoot Comforts the Prophet Ezekiel

On an excursion into Old Testament times, Ferdinand Feghoot became a close friend of the Prophet Ezekiel's, and many were the long talks they had about morals, flying wheels, psychedelic experiences and the future of man.

So it was that Ezekiel revealed a vision unto Feghoot: "Lo! I was in what seemed a great valley of stone, and the walls thereof were carved into seats for a multitude, and the shape thereof was the shape of a diamond, with Angels at its four corners, and in the middle an Archangel, holding in his hand a hard ball. This he did throw with much force, and angels with staves did strike at it to no avail; and so it continued for a period, and a second period, and five more, while the Archangel Gabriel did utter such mysteries as 'Strike three--that's Lucifer out!' and 'End of the seventh, still no score.'"

"Then, all on a sudden, all was changed. The Archangel Michael smote the ball so that it flew from the valley, and three other Angels who had reached the corners before him came running in; and the multitude beat their wings and shouted harmoniously, so that I was filled with great joy and awe. Then I turned, and saw that the Lord's seat was empty, and sadness struck me that He was not there, and I have been sorrowful ever since."

Comfortingly, Feghoot patted the old gentleman's shoulder. "Don't worry about it, Ezekiel," he said. "Remember, in the big inning God created Heaven and Earth."

(attributed to Peggy Kernerman)

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That's a real Homer...