Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He Did Not Die

Atomic Reality: Do Bosons hate Fermions?
(requested by Jack Sarfatti)

"Who is closer to you, Sir, " a monk asked Buddha,
"He who loves you or he who hates you?"
"He who hates me," replied the Buddha,
"Because he thinks of me more often."

Mighty King Lucifer
Who was brought low
Who died by his own hand
In a Berlin bunker
Who rose again.

By the power of hate
Is Our Satan kept alive
His Deeds in state museums immortalized.
In our hearts we hold Him closer
Than any Christian holds his Lord.

By the power of our hatred
There are places on Earth
Where Satan's so sacred
That no man dares display His Mark
Except in secret.

So long as there remains
One member of Our Tribe
He will live on.
He is immortal.
Der Führer did not die.

(Nick Herbert)
All Souls Day 2010

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He was not born either, he was always present, because "The Tribe" have always had to define themselves as world-historical martyrs persecuted by someone or other.

- Heuristic