Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alternative to Marriage

"I've come to New York to introduce an alternative to marriage." --Jon Keats
With five millennia of history, and a plethora of religious and civil ceremonies, marriage is a popular means of producing families. Yet matrimony isn't the only method of uniting people, nor even is it the most effective technique. Modern science suggests a far more profound alternative, one that does not operate by religious tradition or civil mandate, but rather bonds couples by a law of nature: quantum entanglement. More here.


Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Quantum Entanglement would onset
a Quantum-Family which would be global.By Gematria:
GLOBAL = 7+12+15+2+1+12 = 49

Hinduism preaches that there are
49 types of Airs (Vayu),they may
spread the message of Quantum-Family.

Anonymous said...

Warn the Religious Right: Same-sex quantum entanglement--boogie, boogie, boogie!

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

When I deconstruct MARRIAGE,
I find the word *Mirra Age*.
Mirra is the name of *The Mother*
who can be seen as Originator
of *Quantum-Family*, [ The Mother
collaborated with Sri Aurobindo in
practising Supramental-Yoga, in Pondicherry,India ].Quantum-Family
would be based on Quantum-Entanglement and it would be global. I can see the "sign" of it.

By Gematria:
SIGN = 49
THE MOTHER = [ 33 + 79 = 112 ]
[ Haowaa, is the Bengali word for
Air ]

She[MIRRA/THE MOTHER] is working
at the Mathematical Level with
Telepathic precision!

*Quantum-Family* is the NEWS which
is in the Air.