Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ode to Bruce Eisner (1948-2013)

Bruce Eisner (1948-2013)


You wanna play around with nitrous. Nick?
Or do you want the real thing?
The big D?
Betsy and Heinz:
braver than me
My mother and my father
were braver than me.

Experience Big D:
Not LSD, not ketamine, not nitrous oxide
But the Real Thing.

The Real Thing:
Bruce Eisner just got it:
the Real Thing:
the Big D.

Not just fucking around
With sex: with the little death
with flesh, touch and ecstasy

with the dissolving of boundaries
between human beings.

Not just experimenting 

With drugs: with the terror, the ego dissolution
With the colors, the visions 

The mergings with others.
None of that
None of that kid stuff.
Are you brave enough
to experience the Big D?

None of that kid stuff
Sex, drugs and quantum physics--
the partial dissolvings
into the natural world.

The recreational explorations
The playful dissolutions:
wordless, scary, inexplicable.
But always coming home.

None of that kid stuff
Are you willing to experience
Big D?

Big D:
Total disengagement
from this habitual universe --

The end of the affair
The last goodbye
The final dissolution.

Are you willing and ready
to take the quantum leap?
Big D:
No more kid stuff

No more kid stuff, my friend.
This is the Real Thing.
You want Reality?
This is it.


Andy said...

I absolutely love this poem! I have pondered the big D for as long as I can remember, my mortality always in question. I used to sometimes wake up with the cold, unnerving reality that I will someday meet my maker. A thought that most people put of or completly ignore, until they cant. Having thought about it for so long now my fears have turned to anticipation, excitement of the unknown that is inevitably coming to us all. So many theories, beliefs and religeons, all put to the test. Mine? Enjoy life! Its short so make to most of it. Plenty time for dying later.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he's practiced the Big D enough while using LSD and enjoyed it, so that he welcomed it when it arrived.

CC said...
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