Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just Ask Isaac

Isaac Newton
(for Ruth Kastner)

And where lies the Source of Gravity--
That draws to Earth both Moon and dingo?
"Beats me," spake the smartest man alive:
"Hypotheses non fingo."

Now Vicar Sacks is here to ask:
Sir, does your mother cheat at Bingo?
The Master of the Mint just scowled:
"Hypotheses non fingo."

Tell us, Lord, which is thy fave:
John or George or Paul or Ringo?
The Principia's author merely sneered:
"Hypotheses non fingo."

Professor, what do women want?
Can you uncrypt their alien lingo?
Newt pulled his cowl across his face:
"Hypotheses non fingo."

1 comment:

Apollion888 said...

Einstein claims your brain's half-baked
That you're not the smartest gringo
The alchemist smiles and pats his wig:
"Hypotheses non fingo."

Your verses are better but we all contribute what we can ...