Monday, March 17, 2014

The Guinness Made Me Do It

Continuing to pursue his project to discover new ways of connecting with Nature, Nick Herbert invokes his inner Irish tenor at a St. Paddy's Day party in Aptos. Accompanied by Kim Fulton Bennett on wooden flute, Nick renders the traditional Irish folk song "Carrickfergus" while other members of the band "Blarney" look on. In addition to Kim and Nick, "Blarney" consists of August O'Connor on guitar and bodhran and Matt Johnson on banjo and Irish whistle.
Matt Johnson & August O'Connor


crunchymama said...

we're missing you and August! I hope we can come south for a visit this year. Or even better, lure you up north for spell.

Fazool said...

Great job, Nick! Impressive vocal power for such a gentle soul.