Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Open Position


I hear you have an open role
I'm sure that I can play
Making love with Nature
In a purely quantum way.

Yes, I've had plenty of lovers
But I'm still unsullied as dew.
Good sex is a matter of context
And I've never entangled with you.

Yes, I've raised a couple of children:
From my body new creatures emerged.
I've tried all the main psychedelics
And a few that are still on the verge.

I'm known to be a quick learner
In the field or out of a book.
My body moves like a weasel
And I can sew, clean and cook.

I don't know a lot of mathematics
But I've experienced a number of blisses.
I appreciate new ways to wallow and squirm--
Am fond of drug-enhanced kisses.

We could make history together
You and I could win a Nobel Prize.
You with your big cerebral cortex
And me with my ... big brown eyes.

Take me, teach me, train me
To be Earth's first quantum acrobat.
Please use me
For your science, Nick.
Use me
As your new lab rat.


AliceInBondageLand said...

Another good one, sexy.

Thanks for sharing!

Jul said...

are you accepting applications?

nick herbert said...

OPEN POSITION was inspired by a wonderful woman who offered to be my lab rat. Unfortunately progress in quantum-tantra science has not progressed to the point where I can seriously offer full time work/play to any of the many well-qualified applicants I know to be out there--highly motivated and ready to go.