Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jabir's Proof

Dr Jabir, instigator of Tantric Jihad and Urge

That from a blind universe
Did arise
Billions of eyes
Like yours and mine --
Could it be any plainer than that?

That a thousand human tongues
And billions of non-human languages
Effortlessly emerged
From a universe devoid of meaning --
What could be more convincing?

That from a heartless, dog-eat-dog universe
Came so many men, women and animals
Who have loved and befriended me --
What evidence could be more persuasive?

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

This raw non-symbolic experience
of how nature feels
from the inside;

That the universe is filled
with billions of kinds 
of invisible minds;

That all sentient beings
are created
equally near to the mystery;

That deep reality
is waiting for one of us 
to ask the right question.


Jack Sarfatti said...

Bravo Nick I hope one day before you die you will admit that I have solved this problem in the way that fits your poem.

OrangeAnalytic said...

Considering that none of us every actually die (quantum construct only) I think your suggested inquiry is as good as it gets. Thanks for the insight and perspective, Nick.

RoseRose said...

Right on dear man.

Wes Hansen said...

Is the pertinent question a counterfactual, do you suppose? It's been said that, due to their language, Chinese people do not think counterfactually. His Holiness the Dalai Lama recently visited UC-Irvine and Anaheim to celebrate his 80th birthday and the LA Times ran a half-dozen or so articles about His Holiness and Tibet in general and from one of those articles comes this little gem:

"Despite its professed atheism, the Chinese government wants to control the process. The State Religious Affairs Bureau Order No. 5 prohibits the reincarnation of a monk without a permit."

I don’t know that His Holiness is solely responsible, it could be a combination of the Geo-political scene and the study of math and logic, but it seems as though the Chinese, as a people, are starting to think counterfactually; is this progress?