Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nick at 80

Nick at 70


Slovak-Ukrainian immigrant ancestors
Appalachian coal-mines, Lake Erie steel mills,
Thirteenth-century seminary-schooled
By Latin-savvy Catholic priests

LSD at 27 in East Palo Alto:
Too much reality
All in one shot!
Freaking Christ Lord Jesus,
Please make it stop!

Stanford physics PhD
Silicon Valley magnetic ink-jet play
Esalen Institute Bell's theorem sage
Physics-saving hippie
Sequoia forest tantric bard

Thanks to father, brother, comrade, son
Thanks to mother, sister, lover, chum

Thanks to each of you
Who have touched my body
Who have aroused my mind
Who have inflamed my spirit

Even though it did not turn out
As I had hoped
Even though it did not turn out
As I had imagined
Thanks to each of you
For surprising me

Thank you for my miracle birth
Into this complex mysterious life
And next, before I forget:
Thank you in advance
For my upcoming death.


Dr. Will said...

Keep on truckin' !

Jungle Girl said...

"Even though it did not turn out
As I had hoped
Even though it did not turn out
As I had imagined
Thanks to each of you
For surprising me"

Only a person with the fortune of having a mind and heart of innocent wonder can find such gratitude in a world whose surprises are equally as tragic and crushing as they are beautiful and heightening.

Love you, Nick!

Greg said...

Beautiful. Thanks Nick. Glad I have come to know you. Blessings on your 80th.


Christina Grote said...


It's Christina who was at the Esalen meeting with you last November. I have been receiving your missives and it looks like it's your birthday! The 26th was my mother's birthday too. Thank you the beautiful poem. Life certainly is a mystery. Lately I have been contemplating this question posed by a friend, "What if we knew that our highest good is wished for by the universe and the universe is proceeding according to this wish?"


Anonymous said...

Big juicy blessings to the bard of word-woof magic and hilarity and somber reflection and all that gorgeous, benevolent, leaking-out-of-you love-for-the-Mother joy!
So what if you can't bend a spoon; you have bent many a listening ear, my friend!
Well done!


Bob Erickson said...

WOW, you are certainly all together and an inspiration to all of us. You have enriched our lives--from trying to contact Houdini, Lonely Sloth stories and on to much, much more. Your Godson Drew thrives and has much to emulate. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Love, Bob and Sandy

Shasta Wallace said...

Our pleasure for sure!

Jennifer Nielsen said...

Thank you for continuing to inspire :)

Expiring is probably the toughest and easiest tantra move of all time, whenever it comes.

Take care Nick and know you are loved.

Len Anderson said...

May you have a Beautiful 81st Year!!! Yes, you are a great inspiration!!!

Harald Striepe said...

Happy Birthday! And many more. Time is never enough...

Only hit 65 on the 27th. Hope I make it has well as you over the next 15 years.

Interesting times!
-- Harald