Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Tub once full of Ahlgren wine

Love to my lovers
To my friends and my haters.
Love to my teachers
Priests, warriors, lactators.

Love to the Beautiful Mystery
That keeps this comical opera hot.
Love to the music, the costumes, the art
Much love to you and your role in the plot.
If One Mind hides
Beneath all this
Then give Big Mind
A hearty kiss!
Heart-shaped stardust Valentine


Jungle Girl said...

Happy V-Day, Nick. Fuck Nature Senseless and give that old gal a real treat! XOXO

Harald Striepe said...

Happy Valentines, old Man!
You look like soup's on!

Anonymous said...

Happy V-Day Dr J - How long did it take you to drink that barrel dry?

Virginia Mallady said...

I just put you in my mind... and I talked to my Maker. :) He said he still loved you, too. What a concept on such a day!! :) Love, Ginny