Monday, November 6, 2017

The Many-universe Interpretation of Quantum Theory

Nick Herbert in an adjacent Everett Universe

Not even kissing
And as clumsy as carrots
Shyly saying "good night".

In the nearest Everett World,
Fucking each other like ferrets
Inside the Third Reich.


Jack Sarfatti said...

Night thoughts of a demented physicist. ;-)

Beverley Kane said...

One of the best poems you ever wrote. Can't wait for the movie version w/ George Clooney & Sandra Bullock

Paul Hillery said...

Barfed out this verse,
After taking Ayahuasca
Cut with Ipecac
(Oops, someone was supposed to get Epicat!)

Above as is below,
That’s how it can go.
All those neutrinos down the drain.

The perverse multi-verse
Was a bit of a curse.
Maybe too much sh&t on the brain.
Ayahuasca was just a laxative for me.
That’s not what I want from my DMT!

Yael Dragwyla said...

As always, you're poetry is splendid, Nick. So are your insights. :-) -- Always, Yael Dragwyla

Yael Dragwyla said...

Oops, I meant "your," not "you're." Sorry.

Lynden Stone said...

"as clumsy as carrots" is as confounding as it is appropriate.
Love it.

nick herbert said...

Lynden, I just needed something that rhymed with "ferrets".

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Sankalita & Nilanjan operating as wife and husband have discovered spooky-action within their minds. By GEMATRIA : Nilanjan(75)+ Sankalita(88) = Spooky-Action(163).They are now Quantum-Tantrikas.

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Holy Ghost provides the deep connection between two EPR-partners.Spooky-Action reveals the Holy-Ghost's face. GEMATRIA points out: Holy-Ghost's Face (60+88+15=163)=Spooky Action(101+62=163)= True Physics(64+99=163).

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Spooky=True-Being=Invisible=Immortal=Atindriya=101. DIVINE GRACE = SCIENTIFIC = 97. Divine Grace looks upon the spooky action."Atindriya" means "Beyond Senses".

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the many-interpretation theory of the universe !

Jack Sarfatti said...

When I see "Anonymous" I reach for my delete button.

Anonymous said...

The name is a falsehood. No name is truth.

Jack Sarfatti said...

empty mind