Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Giraffe Suit

The giraffe suit

Often my search
for the Ultimate Secret
takes an unexpected path.
Today I got a Christmas gift:
the suit of a giraffe.

To identify the unknown sender
I have to use some iPad apps.
Could she be just a human proxy
for the galactic telepaths?

I've just begun my Naked Buddhism
in coming Year of Two Blue Moons.
But I'm not too shy to go giraffic
if I can meet the Others soon.

Superhuman hearts and minds and humor

More complex kinds of happiness
I'll not disdain their weird conditions
Nick is dressing for success.

The giraffe suit: note the tail


Ginny from Jurupa Valley said...

My friend, Nick... You look "quite fetching" in that new giraffe suit! As the kids say these days: "Go rock it!" :) Happy New Year, Nick. Me, Ginny of Anaheim

Paul Hillery said...

I’d like to be seeing
You wildly doing
Your Sufi Dervish

Dressed as a giraffe
It’d get quite a laugh,
But I might get nervous
Your tail might smash and smash!
Happy New Year, Paul & Birgit