Friday, May 18, 2018

Ode to HIV

HIV virus: a subtle and beautiful enemy

If you seek peace
Prepare for war.
        -- Vegetius

HIV by itself isn't fatal
It merely opens the gate
To opportunistic diseases
Put here like you to replicate.

Who want to swarm over your borders
Uncivilized, unkempt and unfed
Viral barbarians, bacterial Vikings
Make you crippled, wounded and dead.

HIV is a fervent pacifist
A world without war is the slogan it chants
By disarming your violent immunity system
Compelling your body to give peace a chance.


Michael Abramowitz said...

There is a difference between pacifism (peace at all costs) and giving peace a chance.

Jack Sarfatti said...

Nick's "peace" = pain and death

Eleusis D said...

Dear dearer dearest,

And yet I am told there is a bodymodel where the lion and lamb have a living liedown, where the immune system is a janitor, not a warrior. If we are mutilating analogies (and that war-as-immune -system certainly qualifies) let's go with that.

robert erickson said...

Dear Nick,
One might say there are good wars and bad wars. The immune system's homeostasis is to balance the two--fighting out side invaders or fighting its host, our bodies. One might say that HIV lets the "baddies" win.
Bob E