Monday, June 18, 2018

The Best Science

Sciencegasm by Rian Fike
(For John Bell)

The best science
Is done after midnight
In the darkest part
Of the night.

The best science
Is done
On hands and knees
Some obscure delight.

The best science
Is done
By two or by one:
A risky high-wire act
Which only few can see.

The best science done
Is done for fun
And love of mystery.

The best science
Where the darkness is deepest
Not merely to bring home a kill
But to become the very first seeker
Of a deeper darkness still.


Moses Fayngold said...

I like it

nick herbert said...

Renowned Santa Cruz jazz pianist Jack Bowers recommends Rahsan Roland Kirk's "Theme for the Eulipions" (which can be found on YouTube) as one possible musical equivalent of BEST SCIENCE.