Sunday, July 15, 2018

The KleurNet Interview

In the flower-filled back garden of Conrad Santos's Boulder Creek Bistro, Dutch entrepreneur and TV producer Luc Sala interviews visionary physicist Nick Herbert concerning mind, matter and quantum tantra for Luc's KleurNet Channel in Amsterdam.

Videoed by local media wizard Allan Lundell (now operating as Dr Future), Luc's interview succinctly captures the gist of Nick's dream of a new sensual science in a mere thirty minutes.

The best TV interview of Nick ever, on his home turf. All killer. No filler.

M57: the Ring Nebula

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Virginia Mallady said...

I was not priveleged to know who Nick Herbert was back then. I am so glad you reposted it so that I could see it. I pray all is well with you up yonder in the woods. :) Just me, the old lady in Anaheim, Ginny