Tuesday, November 13, 2018



When my breasts began to swell
And I had my first bleeding
I went to my friend Janice's house
Who showed me how to use a tampon
And told me her first sexual experience.

With a "bad boy" in school named Nick.

"How far did you two go?"

After dark we snuck off into the woods 

behind Nick's house
Talked about nothing, held hands 

and listened to animal noises.

"Holding hands in the dark? 

Is that all you two did together?"

Well, we did smoke a little pot
And we each dropped a tab or two of CHUB:
(CHUB = hexa-methoxy-triathlon).

And let me tell you, sister.
Holding hands
Felt to both of us
Like the interpenetration of galaxies.


Michael Grosso said...

Great poem, Nick, wonderful last line.

Anonymous said...

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