Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Touching the New Science

Holy Fire by Bill Tavis

that the way I experience my own body
could be a new way of knowing the world.

Widen the area of contact
Says Linda
Aikido guru
Practice irimi, the entering art
That's what you most need to do.

Could I feel my way into physical Nature
And enter the world of the wordless?
Use sense of touch to palpate
Her lovely quantum absurdness?

Now that I've chosen
My mode of flirtation
The next biggest question is How:
How can studious Nick
Learn a Heisenberg trick
And sink up to his elbows in Tao?

What skill do I most need to master
To sense Mother Nature as Frau?
Show me what I lack much
To do real quantum touch.
Sweet Muse, don't fail me now.

Whoa by Bill Tavis


Greg said...

Ouuu, I like it. One of your best.


Unknown said...

Sweet. Love the hand jobs, too...

Kelly Evans said...

singing the songs of quantum tantra!

delete blog said...

Keith Emmons

Robert Blume said...

Wooo Hooo!!!