Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Exposure

Today was interviewed at Bruce Damer's "God Farm" in Boulder Creek by Andy and Jennifer from Bend, OR (friends of Iona Miller's) who are making a video on the entheogenic origins of Christmas. Background music was a rare (for Santa Cruz) thunderstorm which blackened the sky. (Pix = Bruce and Jennifer). Bruce, Allan Lundell and I played the 3 Wise Men bringing gifts to the Infant God--and hoping to get gifts back, gifts that reflect our deepest wishes. Allan's wish: how would an enlightened community actually behave? Bruce (who lived for a spell in Prague) told of the traditional Czech visit of Saint Nicholas accompanied by two devils to whom you were supposed to give propitiatory gifts. I wanted from the Little God some new physics tool that would open new doorways into Nature--brand new applications of quantum physics that would directly connect our human minds to the several other minds around us. I wished to be given some concrete ways to use quantum physics to expand human consciousness. I wanted some new ideas for this blog which is intended to be a record of my efforts (as one of BC's token Wise Men) to create a totally new physics in which human consciousness is an essential ingredient. Bon voyage. Bon appetite. Bon chance.

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