Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quantum Dating

Many Worlds Dating: Ever feel like you are living in several parallel worlds at once? Also known as the Player's Universe, this model is the source of the saying, "So many dates; so little spacetime." Can you say "Sex Addict"? This is what is meant by "turn up the volume." Victimizers may be former victims of Einsteinean dating where "it's all relative." High maintenence inhabitants of this dating universe include rap and rock stars. movie stars, and celebutantes. Or, those who are legends in their own minds.

Many Worlds is a realm of infinite possibilities, likely probabilities (scoring), lots of uncertainty (rejection, being kicked to the curb, dissed) with many futures (criminal charges, undesirable pregnancy, STDs) depending from each thread. This universe requires lots of protection. You can get it at the drugstore or a handy public bathroom. Also be sure to always carry a toothbrush.

What could better describe the world of quantum dating than these parallel possibilities? Swinging? Fetish? Austin Powers, Bayyyby? In the bountiful multiverse, everything that can happen, even the improbable (cybernetic devices, virtual sex), does happen. Actually, the forbidden is mandatory. Kinky. Once two systems interact, their possibility waves become entangled, so changes in one instantly change the other (voodoo, mood swing, phone sex).

^^^ A brief excerpt from Iona Miller's Quantum Dating. Pix is from Iona's Magick album.^^^

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