Monday, August 17, 2009

The Big Dream

This morning I had a Really Big Dream. Just woke from it so while it's fresh inside my mind and my body I thought I'd tell it to you.

I'm in some kind of low-life America flea market in a big vacant lot surrounded by homes and am piling lots of stuff into the back of my Subaru, interacting with urchins and folk and in the chaos I somehow acquire an artificial woman. She is fully clothed, can't speak, but she's obviously very much alive, like some great big pet animal. She is tall, busty, has long dark hair, dressed like a civilized gypsy and has a very intense look in her soulful brown eyes. She makes soft, inarticulate sounds, and her body feels warm and responsive through her dress.

She didn't have a name but let's call her Lola.

One of the matriarchs at the flea market offers to train Lola by installing her in a Muslim whore house so she is taken from me and next thing I know am sitting in the corner of the anteroom of a Muslim whorehouse.

Neatly dressed Muslim men (and young boys too!) are milling around in the anteroom. None are in robes, all in old-fashioned Western dress. Lots of snappy suits and fedora hats, like the outfits worn by gangsters in "Guys and Dolls".

It's obvious that I am located near the EXIT to Lola's room because all of the men and boys (all clothed) are filled with awe, talking quietly to one another in a language I cannot understand. One big mute Muslim stands next to me with an unlit cigarette in his hand.

Some of the men and most of the boys when they come out of Lola's corridor make a gesture I have never seen before which I interpret as a religious gesture, a kind of Muslim Sign of the Cross.

The gesture looks like this. You raise your fingers to your lips as if to kiss them and then place that hand on your heart. The gesture was made casually as if practiced hundreds of times. Not all of the men made this gesture but most of the little boys did. I interpreted it as a sign of religious awe, as if one had just encountered God, or some high religious Master.

I suddenly become aware of the Muslim standing next to me with his unlit cigarette. Hatless, bald, in shirtsleeves, built like a bouncer. Sitting in my chair with a nylon sport jacket on my lap, I look up at him and go through my jacket's many pockets looking for a lighter. As I am searching for my lighter, the Muslim bends down and whispers to me in perfect English: "How is she able to know just what we want? Is she picking up electromagnetic signals from our brains?"

"I don't know," I answer. "My guess is the more men she's with the better she knows what men are looking for."

Then I wake from the crowded anteroom into my little bedroom in Boulder Creek--my black cat Onyx curled up asleep near my feet. Stunned. Half of me is still in that anteroom talking to Abdul.

Dream reminded me a bit of my poem: The New Sex Robot. Also motivates me now to spend more time at flea markets and garage sales.


muzuzuzus said...

I would say that Is a big dream, and strangely connects with my experience! Only yesterday we communicated!
OK, I live in UK and on BBC1 television was anews documentary/Panorama all about the situation in Afghanistan, and it was particularly focussed on what the women were going through. This was a VERU distressing experience to watch so I need to elaborate a bit:
The programme makers of Panorama were also showing the programme we were watching to a mother who had recently lost her son who was a soldier and had been killed in Afghanistan. They were showing her what the women went through there, and if the war was worth it.
She was utterly shocked, and tears cajm, but she believed that her son had not died in vain, and they mustn't take the troops out because democracy needs to be put in place there, and the women AWFUL situation helped.

Sop what are they going through. You saw women with the Burka. Totally covered in material, only looking at the world through a smale rectangle of mesh. The camera also was looking through a similar material so you got the feel of this as it went through the market place.

EVEn though there is supposed to now be a law to hep women it doesn't, and women are beaten and raped, and young girls forcibly married to old men.

We say a young women talking about hoiw this old man in the neighbourhood who was very hated, because he was cruel, and mistreated a dog, she was married to him! He beat her, and took her around places selling her for sex to other men.

We saw a hospital with women who had set themselves on fire through desperation as that was the ONLY way they could see to end their brutal treatment and slavery to men

The fukcer the US has put in power doesn't give a shit about this. he refused an interview with the BBC crew. You just saw him with his hands in the air at his political rallies.

It is HELL there for women.

At the end the presenter 'summed up'--wide-eyes he looked like an 11 year old as he came out with this total nonesense that the reason the troops are there is to help the women and help create democracy.
In reality none of them care for women nore democracy. It is all about money. And Panorama people USED that mother who had lost her sone to this LIE. It was blatant propaganda, and I told them this. But of course they wont reply, because they know they have that powerful slot of airtime where they can cheat the gullible and those who CHOOSE to believe with that BS.

Your dream I wouldn't dare interpret because it is yours. But it seems to be very deep about the situation for women there~~~

muzuzuzus said...

forgot to mention. Panorama was on last night

nick herbert said...

routine genital mutilation
of infant males
in American hospitals.

Eleusis D said...

Hey Nick,

I think "Lola" is one of my daughters!!

While I see the instrumentation in this dream, nonetheless, there is a species of womankind who *can* speak and have an intuitive clarity about where the libido travels in the body, where to call it for maximum effect and how to link it back to profound intelligence.

And you're right about routine mutilation of babymen. It is a scandal beyond belief. My own son remains 'uncut' and I think it is one of the sources of his laconic grace. I wish everyman a whole penis and the deep feeling of safety that comes with it.



linus r. said...

nice painting.... now that's what I call Arabia!!

iona miller said...

I'll comment further once my speech chip is done programming...


muzuzuzus said...

Hey Iona, remember me from Dhushara group? Hope your well