Saturday, February 6, 2010

URGE is Coming

Sometime around Valentine's Day I will be uploading my latest Muse Transmission to YouTube.

It's called "URGE: a short opera about reality".

Philosophers will recognize URGE as a comical expression of Schoperhauer's "World as Will and Representation".

Poets will recognize URGE as an expression of the theme of transmigration of souls epitomized in the works of Amergin and Taliesin.

Modern physicists will recognize URGE as an expression of the supposedly discredited hypothesis of Elemental Mind in Nature which opposes today's fashionable belief that the Universe is governed by nothing but dead, impersonal laws.

The general public will no doubt totally ignore URGE and continue to patronize the Stupid Cat Tricks video which at last view had accumulated more than 16 million hits.

URGE: a short opera about reality.

Look for it here soon on your Quantum Tantra blog.

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