Friday, February 26, 2010

Honey Baby, Touch my Wavefunction

The goal of Quantum Tantra is to contact Nature directly in new more intimate ways informed by the discoveries of quantum physics. Recently (Thanks JOG website) a company called Peratech, located in North Yorkshire, England, seems to have taken a small step towards that goal. They've developed a pressure sensor for robots and other applications whose operation depends upon the quantum tunnelling of electrons between starburst-shaped metal particles embedded in a silicone rubber matrix. Peratech calls their new semiquantum material a Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC).

One of the first uses for Peratech's QTC seems to be designing delicate robot touch sensors but it may not be too bold to speculate that extensions of QTC technology might someday lead to a way for humans to directly touch mind-to-mind, connecting my mind to yours in a new kind of quantum-mediated telepathy or to finally achieve the Holy Grail of Quantum Tantra--the direct quantum fusion of human minds and bodies with the Mind (and Body) of Nature Herself.

I want to woo Her not view Her
Pet Reality until She purrs.
Longing to merge with Dame Nature bodily
Yearning to mingle my substance with Hers
And them content with mere observation
Are nothing but Nature's voyeurs.


Anonymous said...

I saw something about this at Kurzweil, but I like your sexed up contextualization way better! Thx for the peek into your own brilliant mind, Nick.

enky said...

yeah, good the present