Monday, August 8, 2011

QT Blog: The Origin Story

Mudhead--Hopi Kachina clown and trickster
Nick Herbert never intended to start a blog. As my blog site guru Harry Hutton remarked:
Been doing this nonsense for three years now, and where's it got me? Nowhere. It has simply widened the circle of people who think I'm a dick. That's all it has achieved.
My reluctance to enter the blogosphere was further strengthened when I discovered that the virtual real estate entitled "" was already occupied by an entity who called itself "Mudhead" after the Hopi Kachina trickster spirit. Mudhead's site specialized in paying homage to the beauty of the naked female form, following Fugs-founder Tuli Kupferberg's mantra "God is a spread shot". Each day Mudhead's site featured lots of holy pictures from the Temple of Tuli, regular dispatches from a Canadian photographer obsessed with hi-res closeups of the vertical smile, as well as hot links to other sites with similar enthusiasms. After reading my favorite physics blogs I often enjoyed dipping into this blog for a taste of Mudhead's version of quantum tantra.

But about three years ago, Mudhead's site was suddenly abandoned without explanation and its domain name tossed up for grabs for any entity who wished to take possession. 

How could I resist? Mudhead had done a fine job in establishing a beach head into the unexplored quantum tantric realm and, faced with its vacancy, I simply could not allow lesser minds to pervert this 
splendid site. That in short is this quantum tantra blog's origin myth. Thank you, Mudhead, whoever and wherever you may be. And I hope you are not disappointed with what I have chosen to do with your site.

Tuli Kupferberg: "God is a spread shot."


Nano said...

It all starts with "sex" ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you've bothered to leave a few footprints online, Nick. The Fugs certainly influenced or provided a soundtrack for my early explorations of the mysteries.