Friday, July 18, 2008

Chase Me, Ladies

As a newcomer to blogging, I decided to look up some of my neighbors in the blogosphere and discovered Harry Hutton's blog "Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry." Resembles Monte Python after an all-night pub binge. A CML sample:

"Been doing this nonsense for three years now, and where's it got me? Nowhere. It has simply widened the circle of people who think I'm a dick. That's all it has achieved.

Here are some of the rave reviews I have received:

"Fuck you, Hutton."
"I cannot fathom the fucking depravity of this."
"You stupid American."
"Man your ignorant."

I have also been called a pommy arsehole, a fuckhead, a right-wing eliminationist, a hippy and a Canadian. ("Pommy arsehole" was mighty witty, I'm not denying it, but accusing me of being a Canadian was tasteless and uncalled for. Does it never occur to anyone that I have feelings?)

Tim Worstall started his blog on the same day as this one. He has a lot more readers than I do, but I would remind him that being Britain's most influential blogger is like being the most influential solver of Rubik's cubes, or a champion bowler. No one normal gives a toss."

You get the picture. Hutton's forthright opinions have attracted a wide spectrum of pubcrawler commentators who match wits with one another and with Hutton the pubkeeper. Lots of downing of strong ale, thumping of hairy chests and roasting of sacred cows on this site.

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