Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Doomsday

Nick with Magnetron--Kim Fulton-Bennett 2012


Warmest Telepathic Greetings
To all sentient lifeforms!

Every sufficiently advanced culture
Celebrates that day
When they first made contact
With the heartful MindForms
That dwell inside all Matter.
Old tribalists obsessed with hate and swindlehoax
Resisted Deep Meeting as a kind of Doomsday--
Catastrophic to their petty dreams of conquest.
For the rest of us it opened the Universe
To joyous brotherly and sisterly exploration.
May Earth experience this Opening soon:
Far too long have humans lived alone.

This was the day we discovered the Door
That is open to all from the Start.
This was the day we traded in War
In exchange for a wide-open Heart.

This was the day everybody grew up
And put aside the toys of a child--
The day when we tore off our diapers
And entangled our lives with the Wild.


Jack Sarfatti said...

Jack Sarfatti said...

Ah Nick, you are too spiritually advanced for this Planet of the Apes.

nick herbert said...

Jack, if I have seen further than most men it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants--and hung with some pretty remarkable women.

Apollion888 said...


As just another guy, I am having the time of my life (re)reading this poem and exchange between two men whose brains (and balls) are so fucking big.

This is so cool!

Apollion888 said...

Synchronistically, intentionally, or just to give equal time to all theories, coincidentally published at 11:11?

Still having the time of my life (the OG Haze helps :)

Apollion888 said...

Ha! That was 11 minutes after my first comment.

Being a Thelemic magician is fun (11 is our sacred number) :p

I'll stop now

Apollion888 said...

OK, 1 more

According to Thelemic doctrine, the Door in the poem might be one's ass, which in my opinion opens the crown chakra.

Or vice versa

Apollion888 said...

The Third Eye is equally likely.

Apollion888 said...

Lately I've had the impression that if you want to communicate with whomever hangs out around Sirius, what you have to do is look up.

I just wanted to get that out there :p

Apollion888 said...

OK, I can top all that :-)

There actually is a Key that unlocks the door of Creation but it makes no sense unless you believe it at an emotional as well as intellectual level.

code is code

Apollion888 said...

It seems apropos that I be the 11th comment

Douglas Adams's version of the same Secret was 42

Argle bargle, morble whoosh?

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

"This was the Day When the Door
was Open"

Yes Indeed 29th February 2012,Wednesday was the 56th Anniversary
of First Golden Day on Earth.

Looking back If u call it:
HAPPY MOODSDAY, I won't mind!

After All, Historical data are not
All Irrelevant, Are They ?

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

"Warmest Telepathic Greetings'?
On Doomsday ?

It'll be Warmest *Telepathy-Day*

THE MOTHER = 33+79 = 112

After All, It was She Who decided
what will be Coming Next on that Day!

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Apollion888 says:

"11 is our Sacred Number"
To this I say G-D !
G+D = 11

Thelemic Magician?
Oh! It's h-Magician for me!

HYMEN = 65

Some h-Magician is Working through
Creation's hymen,


And the Hymn Continues.....

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Fucking is Joking!
FUCK = 41
JOKE = 41

Happy MoodsDay to All!