Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cat Articulates His Existence

Cat Articulates His Existence

Striving to maintain the high standards my readers have come to expect from quantumtantra blog, I never imagined I would ever post a cute cat video on this site. But this video cries out to be shared. First of all, it is in French (with English subtitles) so it qualifies as a foreign film. And second, the film has philosophical import which raises the quality of discourse considerably above the base level of LOL Cats. In my opinion Henri the cat expresses more truth about existence in 10 words than Jean-Paul Sartre does in 10,000. My cat Onyx's favorite lines are these:

I am free to go.
Yet I remain.

Poetry, someone once said, is the art of expressing in words what cannot be expressed in words. In these eight words, spoken by Henri, palpable truths seem to lurk just out of reach.

In the early sixties, seeking adventure, I hitch-hiked into Mexico at a time when bearded young Americans were still a novelty and the locals did not know what to call us. (This was before the word "hippie" had been invented.) Some called me "Fidelista" but my favorite tag was "existentialista".

Henri the cat is a true existentialista. Enjoy this fine animal's terse and honest insights.


Jenny said...

Bwahaha--this is awesome

Nilanjan said...

On the 125th Birth Anniversary Year
of Erwin Schroedinger [ & Sukumar Ray - another Cat-Specialist, born in the same Year.1887]

1+2+5 = 8 = h

*h* is quantum-of-Action !

nick herbert said...

The 15 hours a day I sleep
has no effect.
I wake to the same tedium.

RoseRose said...

sigh--the Fraaaanch do it again. world-weariness at its most limp wristed.

Jungle Girl said...

Oh! I posted this on FB last week and NO ONE watched it! So happy that our collective taste in fine cinema is so clearly awesome. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is very T-shirtable.