Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quantum ABCs

Quantum Reality: an insider's view

Physics in the style of Dr. Suess

A is for Atom: its electrons in shells
B is for Bosons, Niels Bohr and John Bell

C for Colliders: Fermilab, Stanford and CERN
D: Dirac's bra-ket notation all students must learn

E is entanglement,  eigenstate,  emission
F is for Fermions, Feynman and fission

G is for Glauber, Gauss, GHZ
H is for Heisenberg's uncertainty

I: Interference twixt quantum wavefunctions
J is for superconducting Josephson junctions

K mesons give direction to time in decays
L: prince Louis de Broglie said matter is waves

M: Maxwell a Scotsman wrote equations for light
N: quantum No-cloning Rule--try as you might

O: quantum Optics deals with photonic transactions
P: German Max Planck finds the quantum of action

Q: Quantum Reality: a physics book written by Nick
R: matter's deep Randomness makes the Universe tick

S: Austrian Schrödinger, famed for his Cat
T: quantum Teleportation: not fiction but fact

U is for Universe: the whole kitchen sink
V is for Vacuum: it's more than you think

W transmits weak force along with the Z
X stands for position; momentum is "p"

Yang and Lee deny parity in beta decay
Z is for Zeilinger, Zurek and Zeh

Now you know your ABCs
You're halfway to a PhD
Study hard for your exams
And never eat green eggs and ham


Jack Sarfatti said...

I'm still trying to defeat N
I huff and I puff and I'll blow their house of cards down.
Big Bad Wolf & The Three Little Pigs

Jungle Girl said...

Great poem, Nick!!! I LOVE this- Students should be forced to memorize it!

Michael McNeil said...

U is for Universe: the whole kitchen sink

So, I take it you don't favor the “Multiverse” terminology? It seems to me that “Universe” should encompass the whole shebang, with lesser entities called “bubbleverses” or whatever. (Much like galaxies were originally termed “island universes” until the term “galaxy” was invented.)

Iona said...

Brilliant, Nick, or did you grab it from that lurking Lorax behind the redwood tree?

Nilanjan said...

N - "No Clone" or "No Copy"!
"No Copy" means "Vision"!