Monday, September 8, 2014

A Question for Men

The Melting Kiss by Awer


When she whispers
In the midst of the mystery:
"You can do anything you want with me."
What do you actually do?

See also Harlot Nature.


Anonymous said...

One thing I learned is that if a woman likes anal sex, give it to her.

Otherwise, she will find someone who will.

If your poem's question was rhetorical, never mind.

Wormwhole said...

Probably best to get some deepthroat foreplay in before you go straight to the anal. Then you alternate between holes in 3-6 minute intervals.

If you forgot a condom, are pressed for time, or are simply not in the mood because you have no more viagra refills, you just whisper back, 'I'm waiting for marriage.'

nick herbert said...

Funny. Yes. And partway there. Partway forward to something brand new with the transgressive energy of porn plus the exploratory openendedness of quantum physics.