Monday, September 29, 2014

Work in Progress

Work in Progress 2014

Come for the lunch
And stay for the tantra:
Taking new chances
In life-and-death dances
With creatures
That you barely know.

Come for the truth
And stay for the magic:
Share drugs and kisses,
Hesitations, near misses
With seekers
You meet in the flow.

Come for the sex
Stay for quantum reality:
Learn tricks of attention
In half-sensed dimensions
From teachers
Whose lessons explode.


Rudy Rucker said...

Nicely crafted, Nick! I think "pencils" might work better than "genitals."

nick herbert said...

Since I spent twelve years in Catholic schools, Rudy, "glowing monstrances" might be more fitting than "pencils". This last line is meant to suggest that at times the opposite sex appears to belong to an alien species.

nick herbert said...

last line is now
"From teachers
Whose lessons explode."
Thanks rudy & vickie.

Anonymous said...

Well damn my eyes, I thought the glowing genital reference was to light beings encountered on the astral with highly vibrational sacral chakras

Such is life ...