Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lunar Meanders

Dale Pendell speaking at Breaking Convention: July 2015

You want a privileged backstage pass to this spectacular God and Goddess mystery play? You want to watch for yourself how loving/enemy angels create your Universe moment by moment while you occupy yourself with mundane tasks? You want to experience cosmic physics -- to feel in your mind and in your body WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON deep beneath this fabulous tragic/comedy show?

Then watch this video: which will satisfy a bit of your curiosity for this kind of forbidden knowledge but will leave you hungry for more.

No better guide into these unspecified spaces than Dale Pendell, inspired poet, psychic physicist and friend who once lived on Laurel Street in Santa Cruz and has now moved his research lab into the high Sierras.

Thank you, Dale, for this unique glimpse into the primal Uncertainty Principle that governs every one of our lives and loves.


Jack Sarfatti said...

Nick you and Deepak Chopra are poster boys for the insanity of all the quantum theorists who have been infected with the meme from Niels Bohr. Even I was infected via John Wheeler, but I have since recovered from the Zombie Meme with the Bohm vaccine.

iona miller said...

I've seen Dale speak - good guy.

Jack Sarfatti said...

Einstein was right. Bohr was wrong.

Bohr is the Emperor with No Clothes.

There is an objective reality out there independent of our consciousness.

We do not create physical reality - though PK, RV etc may be real post-quantum effects that violate orthodox quantum theory.

God does play dice with dead things, but not with live organisms.

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nick herbert said...

When a delicious meal is served, some only see the stain on the rug.

Anonymous said...

No I don't get that, when did we ever have evidence of a world beyond the mind and senses that wasn't dependent on the mind and senses ?