Friday, November 20, 2015

Trek's End

Event Horizon by Iona Miller
One of science fiction's most fascinating topics is First Contact. How closely will alien bodies and minds resemble our own? And how will they differ? For my money, one of the finest first contact stories in the business is John Walker's Trek's End. Check it out immediately if not sooner.

John Walker, the founder of Autodesk, now lives in Switzerland where he is pursuing his eccentric interests including web-based tests of psychokinesis, esoteric computerness, consciousness studies, reading a large number of books on every topic under the rainbow and publishing insightful book reviews on his blog which he calls fourmilab. After being introduced by Walker to many new-to-me authors writing on exotic topics, I make a habit of reading his book reviews as soon as they appear.

On another front, my Irish band Blarney's recent performance at the Art League theater in Santa Cruz was a great success. Our audience was enthusiastic, appreciative, laughed and applauded at all the right times. Thanks to each of you for enhancing this event with your presence. Thanks to T. Mike Walker and the Art League staff for providing a salon-like atmosphere, complete with wine, snacks and an exciting lion-king-sized gallery of animal-themed art. And thanks to Carlito Sutton for inviting us into this splendid venue and for his on-stage Irish tales which added to our music a touch of Celtic humor.

Blarney Band (Credit: Alan & Sun Lundell)


iona miller said...

Play and be well, Nick
Thx for the shoutout to my event horizon. ;)

Kurt Hanson said...

Humans on Earth have not yet learned enough to create Murgatroyd yet, and thus become like the Creator itself. We still have a ways to go in maturity as a species.

I imagine an existence with the capacity to engage with humans on planet Earth has matured as a species. This species has unraveled the secret to the genetic code causing cognition and volition to exist inside biological entities, and thus they have the capacity to create new volition and cognition sans DNA. This species certainly realizes the existence of the Creative Entity, i.e. Its will, intentions, purpose and demeanor, and because this species has the understanding of our present earthly human immaturity in this regard, they know enough to not engage us to disturb us on Earth, the Creator's laboratory in any way shape or form.

My opinion. Two cents worth.

OrangeAnalytic said...

I don't go along with the NewAge "Aliens wouldn't think of intervening in human evolution" premise.... They've been doing it all the time.