Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Los Gatos Apple Store

Apple Store, Los Gatos, California


[Nick's Apple iPad device is misbehaving.

Boulder Creek's nearest Apple shop's
in Los Gatos --- a mere seven miles
from the Apple Vatican in Cupertino.]

Enter our sacred Los Gatos sanctuary
Perform the secret Sign of Steve
Shamelessly admit your helplessness
Before the White Lord's LCDs.

Humbly approach our Apple altars
Resist the urge to bend your knees
Of all mankind's mighty marvels
None were quite so fair as these.

Let awe not blind you to your mission
In our technologic paradise
Be mindful of your many sins
And the sins of Your Device.

Soon an Apple-ordained Genius
Will come and hear your full confession
Will lay hands on your bad Device
And calmly banish all transgression.

Devoutly make a good Act of Contrition
Make the Sign of Steve before you go
Gratefully settle your rightful Penance
Using ApplePayment cyber dough.

Go in peace and sin no more
Bless you as you leave our store
Bless friends and kindred far and near
Bless happy fault that brought you here.

Apple ostiarius instructs two fresh penitents


Unknown said...

I bend not to Lord Apple
I worship Microsoft instead
Cheap shamans fix my faults
(Perhaps more often, it is said)

Cool is not my forte
Smooth is not my vice
Just keep the damn show going
Is all I ask of my device.

nick herbert said...

Beautiful, Mike, ya bloody heretic!