Saturday, December 3, 2016

No Animal

Doctor Jabir: Thanksgiving 2016

No animal badgers its mate
No animal rats on its friends
No animal sponges on its fellow man.

No animal joins that rat race
Crawling to its job in stinking metal box.

No animal works to outfox life
Worming every possible drop of joy
From the lucky fact of sex.

No animal wolfs down 
Drugs and high technology
To weasel its way out of the contract
Life long ago signed with Mister Death.

Without house insurance
Each animal raises young
In its burrow.
Without car insurance
Each animal takes life
As it comes.
Without health insurance
Each animal faces death
Like a man.


Jack Sarfatti said...

Watch out what you wish for in your next reincarnation.

Virginia Mallady said...

Great thoughts, Nick. "No Animal" reinforces why I have always felt that it is a fallacy to use the word "animal" to describe another person.

Val Ahlgren said...

Brilliant, Nick. Bravo!

Michael Grosso said...

Wonderful blast that reminds me of a line from Whitman, "I wish I could lie down with the animals . . ." and also of Diogenes of Sinope, the Cynic ("dog")philosopher who tried to model his life after animals, or Dylan, "if dogs run free, why can't we?"
Thanks, Nick!

nick herbert said...

You caught it, Mike. This piece was inspired by Whitman's "I wish I could go and live with animals". Actually 99% of us actually does live with animals -- those parts of us mainly neglected in this Era of the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

Animals do appalling things to each other. Do you know what an otter will do to a baby seal ? Don't even look it up, it's UGLY :-)