Saturday, September 23, 2017

Beer, Eggs, Toast and Bacon

Mystery of Transubstantiation: bread and wine into God Substance

Sunday breakfast, Boulder Creek, CA


Roman Catholics believe 

that in the midst of the Mass
wine and bread 
are turned into the Substance of God.
The pantheist says 

they were already Divine.
The physicist knows
matter's a mystery unspeakably odd.

Woke up this morning

with shimmering open mind:
No Model of Reality so bizarre
I can't believe.

My breakfast

is a luminous Eucharist
as full of gods
as Nick is ready to receive.

What's the hidden inner substance of this feast?
What wild reality will soon be turning into me?

Home Eucharist: beer and corn chip


Lynden Stone said...

At first I thought you were eating the Aussie standard breakkie spread - Vegemite on your toast which would be delicious with beer as it is a yeast based savoury spread. Most Americans hate it as they spread it thickly like jam when it should be applied thinly with plenty of butter. Would you like me to send you some? It is black - conjuring the centre of an Anish Kapoor sculpture or a Mark Rothko matt black rectangle.

nick herbert said...

Hi Lynden --

We have Vegemite here in the colonies
but I suspect it is an acquired taste
like that famous Aussie pea soup dish
whose name I can't recall.

Thanks for the offer
but I think I'll stick
with either strawberry jam or coconut oil
on my breakfast toast.

Hope you are doing well
and producing unusual works of art.