Monday, January 15, 2018

Love (Planet-Earth Style)

Dragon's Heart Nebula in Ara, the Altar

For the love of my extended tribe
My nation ruthlessly smothers all others.
For the love of our own kind
With corn, wheat, rice, roads and cities
My species carelessly drives
Numerous non-human beings
From their homes.

For the love of this lucky embodiment
Predator Nick feasts on tasty prey.
For the love of me (their sovereign)
Nick's personal antibody assassins wage
Hundreds of necessary genocides.

Someday I too will die
From a greater love than me
Wondering whether other worlds require
A love based on biology.


Michael Grosso said...

Wonderful question to muse on. Is there a world where love is not driven in accord with the biological imperative and the norms of seductive beauty?

nick herbert said...

Hi Mike --
This is my version of my favorite poet, Robinson Jeffers's "The Bloody Sire" and the Upanishad verse "While we live, we feed on food. And when we die, food feeds on us."

Michael Abramowitz said...

For me it would work better with the word "need" rather than "love".

nick herbert said...

Mommie, we're hungry, said the three tiger cubs.

Voidisyinyang said...

Nick when you said "quantum tantra" means you need to start with the lowest - as in the most degrading - I felt compelled to tell you the truth of what I discovered. So I read your book back - mid-90s probably - and then to finish my master's degree I did intensive meditation with a Shaolin-trained qigong master who has been confirmed by the Mayo Clinic - he did 30 days full lotus cave meditation with no sleep. So I had this "enlightenment experience" but I did not study enough to know what I had gotten into. So I was meditating intensively for months but in the hippy part next to the University of Minnesota - West bank is the neighborhood name. So I went into the anarchist cafe where I'm a regular and I made eye contact with this female from about 10 feet away. Suddenly this energy shot into her from my eyes - and at the same time I had an orgasm up my spine. But more so I realized she had the same orgasmic experience. But my left-brain could not process what happened and so that night in sleep I also lost my celibacy - as ejaculation in sleep. So that means I lost qi energy. But again I did not even make the connection it had been caused just by that eye contact! So that was in late 1999 Minneapolis (like the Prince song). So then I kept trying to maintain celibacy as I did full lotus meditation but I discovered I had become a literal "chick magnet." The qi energy made females go into orgasmic sounds around me and do strange things. So I was getting "hit on" a lot but I was trying to be celibate to build up my energy again. So then I started sitting in full lotus in public as "pre-emptive defense." I was sitting in full lotus in McDonald's as this dude who worked at my favorite used bookstore liked to hang at mcDs every day. So as I sat talking with him - this Mcds worker was cleaning the dispensers for condiments. As I was in full lotus I sat a certain direction and she happened to have her backside right at my eye level - about five feet away. Suddenly she lept up into the air and yelled out like in bliss! I mean literally she jumped up and at the same time this strong orgasmic bliss shot up my back.

Voidisyinyang said...

Now this was 2007! So quite a longer time later. And so I figured we must have had a mutual orgasm. So the next day I went back and she saw me and pushed aside her coworker so she could serve me at the counter and she was giggling with bliss. A young Chinese female - I knew her brother. Anyway so that confirmed for me that indeed we had a mutual psychic climax. So I decided to test this out and so I went to a study area and there was this very fetching young lady - and I sat in full lotus across from her. We were both reading at the same table - a common study area. Sure enough when I felt the orgasm - as the energy went into her - it built into orgasm and she moved as if to try not to notice it. So I let the energy built up a 2nd time to see what happened and right at climax - she put her head down as if she was going to take a study nap. So then I let the energy built up a third time and right at climax she lifted her head up and looked right at me and a tear was coming down her cheek. So I felt really bad about that but it confirmed to me what I had suspected. But at the same time I felt I had the right to sit in full lotus in public since it is my body. After that all hell broke lose and I was having psychic mutual climaxes with females every day for a couple years. But I didn't realize that I was using my energy the wrong way and so also pulling up anaerobic bacteria - up the front of my body - and so I had to constantly use antioxidants as antiseptics. As the mutual climaxes turned me into a shit head. Then I had females stalking me - and sometimes perv males also. And I had to actually quite my job! haha. Also I used up a ton of my qi energy doing this. But it was an interesting experiment. I still do tantric healing still this way. I have tons of free research info on my blog I discovered that Eddie Oshins figured out the truth - do you know of him? A quantum physicist - he also taught Wing Chun. Noncommutative phase is the secret!

Voidisyinyang said...

ok I clicked the follow up comments email notification - so let me know any comments or questions. thanks.

Voidisyinyang said...

I was making this playlist - and was watching your vids - on youtube - Spooky Action At a Distance that Uses Telepathic Methods: Noncommutative Phase as Quantum nonlocal 5th dimension docs

Voidisyinyang said...

Nick maybe you don't believe me or think I am wacko. Check out "Tantric Mongoose" on youtube - he does this "O at a D" (as I dubbed it) for his living! haha. Orgasm at a distance - a joke on Newton. O.K. I posted Tantric Mongoose in my other playlist on the Best Compilation of Bioenergy Demonstrations - including pyrokinesis and more! Enjoy

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