Monday, January 22, 2018

Four on the Floor

Nick Herbert at Perihelion Party 2018

Our most dangerous patients
are experts
at keeping their sicknesses hid.
If Jack Sarfatti's the New Physics Ego
does that make Nick Herbert
the Id?

(For Jeffrey Kripal and Dale Pendell)

I want to become a second Heisenberg
the Walter White of tantric history
by devising a clever new path
for exploring the body/mind mystery.

A tantra path inspired by quanta
as open and easy as breath
convincingly beautiful
breathtakingly erotic
as addictive as crystalline meth.

The addictive religion of materialism

constipates our strong and deep imaginings.
Will this brash new way of flirting with Nature
help us feel and touch the dear reality of things?


Herr Professor
You are now world famous
for discovering
the Black Cosmic Crack.

Now please tell us your secret:
Which Alma Mater
best taught you
how to put Frau Natur
to the rack?


Like the Dalai Lama.
I too am a student
of tantric Buddhism.

Empty the mind of thought
Empty the mind of words
That's plenty for tonight, pilgrim,
Let these teachings stick.
Next session we'll be tackling
Empty the mind of "Nick".

Deer Dalai Lama: Camp Climax, Boulder Creek

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Jack Sarfatti said...

If you are the ID I am your YID.