Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Saint Valentine's Day 2018

Mom's wedding day: Mary Agnus Herbert (1914 - 1989)
Four for Fourteenth of February:

Stonehenge, Hill of Tara
New Grange, Glastonbury Tor.
My sacred sites are her eyes,
Her nipples, the whorls on her fingertips --
Are the origins and insertions of her muscles
Are the places where her bones meet
Are the follicles of her hair
Are the pads of her feet, her buttocks, the slots
Between her toes.

Admiring the play
Of morning light on your body
I imagine what brought us to this place
At this time, in our several eye-catching forms.
I am thinking of that primordial alphabet soup
from which we both emerged
Of our speechless common ancestors
copulating in warm moonlit marshes
Exchanging flesh-to-flesh life's salty broth:
the sacrament of sex
Our lusty lineage:
snake-like, cat-like, ape-like fathers and mothers
Do this in remembrance of them:
Eat my body; drink my blood;
accept my genes; bear my children.
I am thinking of the early macroplasm,
of the hot sticky honey of creation
I am thinking of Original Mind's 

world-creating yearning
(I was a Hidden Treasure 

and desired to be known)
Imagining how that Deep Maternal Urge 

must have felt as she squeezed each of us
out into this bright world
fresh, wide-eyed, laughing, sticky, nude.

Each human language embodies
A new way of grasping with chatter
Ourselves, this world, its creatures
From microphage to Mad Hatter:
Nick's scratching his head for a language
To send valentine greetings to matter.

I wanna wham Mama Nature
in a warm wet dream
Wanna strum Her pond, palpitate Her stream
Wanna feel Her quiver like a tambourine
Wanna hear Her E equals MC scream!

Industrial-strength Quantum Tantra:



Jack Sarfatti said...

I guess you look like your Dad. ;-)

nick herbert said...

My Slavic dad, Jack, looked and behaved like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino: "Get off my lawn!"

Michael Grosso said...

I've come back to re-read this poem with the same impression--what a beauty!
And, as usual, with incomparable markers of the Nick Herbert imagination.

Voidisyinyang said...

Why Eli Maor is Wrong about Music by Numbers: The Blue Light of Blues Music: Quantum Biology, Metaphysics and Meditation

Apollion888 said...

Nick, how ya doin'? It's been over a month