Thursday, February 1, 2018

Quantum Touch

Lavabo inter innocentes et circumdabo altare tuum.

(For Shasta)

As with amber and the lodestone
She hides Her hints in plain sight.
The Hindus called it shaktipat:
A body blessing with a bite.

Franz Anton Mesmer's animal magnetism.
William Blake's "energy is eternal delight".
If Mind be the New Physics wild card
Could mindful massage flood Nick with light?

As the Sacred Secret leaks in
Thru your skillful hands on my skin
Can I truly feel Her Deep Emptiness
Improvising this illusion mid flight?
Birthing the Universe just once was not enough:
Now each moment feeds Her Boundless Appetite.

HAMSA: Hand of Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Mohammed


Michael Abramowitz said...

Beautifully expressed, Nick. One of your finest. But I think the title is inappropriate.

nick herbert said...

Thanks, Mike.
To attempt to feel under Shasta's skillful fingers
the present-moment-to-present-moment transitioning
from quantum potential to quantum actuality:
what better title comes to mind than QUANTUM TOUCH?

Michael Abramowitz said...

OK, I get your quantum relevance now. I was interpreting the 'touch' in terms of the 'mindful massage', where Mind is the New Physics wild card in the form of an underlying field of consciousness (perhaps a la David Bohm's implicit order), discussed in some circles.

Perhaps a more appropriate (though less poetic) title would be 'Hidden Touch'.

I have touched (hee hee) on a similar subject in hexagram 57 of my Oracle.