Thursday, July 18, 2019

How Language Happened


Your mouth was made for eat and breathing
But I surmise it could do more.
Let's play-vibrate the air around us
With whispers, howls, quack-quacks and roar.

Let's make air vibes exciting the oyster organs
attached to the sides of our head.
Not seeing, not touching, not tasting or smelling:
Something dangerously different instead.

It's outside the realm of biology, brother;
It's a wholly unnatural act.
But it's on the side of history, sister,
To make a sound stand for a fact.

To make a sound stand for a fact.

I sense that you're a clever creature
not some crude potato sack
So if I risk to make strange sound for you
would you dare to give me strange sound back?

Hey, hey, sweet love dog,
stunningly beautiful work of art.
Let's do it for the fun of it.
Let's do it for the children.

Don't walk.
Let's "talk".


you can call me al (haqq) said...

Sounds like a song! Sing it brother!!! Love it.

Paul Hillery said...

Sound advice, whether about things we like
to hear in our ear or love or to fear,
Terry McKenna said we all started with the mushrooms,
although all creatures do it, from Mighty Kong to tiny tit.
Which woud you ratherr lose? You vision or your hearing?
As we get older we have to choose our feelings
on the reeling onslaughgt of the nearing.

Bellybetty said...

I'd dare a strange sound back
Perhaps a meowquack
And if on my side,
It would be Herstory, looking back...