Saturday, August 9, 2008

Office Kama Sutra

Bopping down to Capitola to experience the pelican frenzy--so many pelicans feeding near the shore and birdbathing in Soquel Creek with the local ducks that fishing from the wharf was cancelled for fear that a pelican might end up on somebody's line, I sauntered (with August O'Connor) into Avalon Visions where I discovered this little gem "The Office Kama Sutra" which among other modern variations on the classic tantric text offers advice on the daring practice of "Desktop Commerce".

"The desktop environment, though hardly a cushioned dais strewn with pillows and silken draperies is entirely suited to congress as long as both lovers are in the grip of a feverish passion and are sufficiently limber. The computer monitor [CRTs only. Don't try this with a flat screen.] is good for anchoring firmly between the legs when bending backwards or forward; like a sturdy scanner tray, the keyboard tray offers an impromptu massage to the recumbant partner; and a closed laptop or dictionary makes a trusty support for raising the hips."

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