Monday, November 14, 2016

How to Contact Aliens

Simulated Quantum Connection

Dear Mr Herbert--
I read your Quantum Tantra 

which is really V interesting.
I can see its deep implication 

to physics and our world view.

I would be most glad if you can give 

any practical advice of any sort?
Say, how to connect to a PLEIADEAN 

for making love?
Or anything in our daily life we can apply?

See if there's anything 

U would like to share with me.

Many Thx
Omni Fung

Dear Omni Fung--

Without compensation
I can give away no secrets
But this much I can say:

It is a matter of attitude
We each attract the aliens 

we deserve.

Have you made of your heart
A warm open bower
For mind-traveling beings
A thousand times more practiced in love
Than humans are practiced in hatred?
Have you made of your heart
An erotic landing strip?
If you build it they will come.

Practical advice?
Rest up, take a bath
Imbibe a quantum intoxicant
Go out into Nature with a few friends
Pretend that you are children
And let the Universe child-molest you.

Open up your heart, your mind, your senses
Engage Her lovely agents everywhere you look
Befriend the alien beauty 

quivering in your gun sights
Send someone you love a copy of My Book.

Thank you for the questions, Omni Fung.
Good luck in your explorations.


Greg said...

Thank you Nick for another light-hearted walk into altered spaces.

Morgan Russell said...

Bravo, Nick!
You remind me of my long-term (quarter-century +) friend Genesis P-Orridge, though you and I have known one another somewhat longer than that, even. Talked to her very recently after her tour of Greece, Russia, Poland and the Rep. of Georgia. She came to NYC to find Trump-in-waiting. It disturbs her.
It was great to get you on the phone recently after a long time!
Much love,

Paul Hillery said...

It’s easy to contact aliens,
They’re all over Facebook.
They're on the street and supermarkets,
Just give them a good look.
Put down your smartphones NOW and smarten up your mind,
Open up for entry (it doesn’t need to be your behind).
Meditate, calm fear, think of those who are most dear,
And the myosin protein will drag the endorphin asses
along to you parietal cortex or at least near.
Open to Happiness now! Open to Happiness now! Open to Happiness now!
Before it passes.
Open to Happiness now! Open to Happiness now! Open to Happiness now!
Or the aliens will pass us
And maybe declare a “no fly zone”.

Anonymous said...

is good