Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tabloid Democracy

Nov 8, 2016: Choose one to be our new four-year führer

I'd like to vote the issues
But I never get the chance
The mud from my TV set
Is creeping up my pants.

Which one held the pistol?
Which one held the bag?
Which one smoked Merrywanna?
Which one is the fag?

Which one armed the Muslims?
Which one dressed in drag?
Which one peed its trousers?
Which one shoots up skag?

Which of them is antiSemite?
And which is antiGoy?
Which one hates the Constitution?
Which one loves an altar boy?

Which one sleeps with bimbos?
Which one burnt the flag?
Which one's hot for bondage?
Which one's on the rag?

Through the magic of the ballot
The dirt has all dispersed
We may not choose the best one
But we're flushing out the worst.

Friday, October 7, 2016


Raw art: August O'Connor; Enhancements: Dr Jabir

The Monist insists One Reality is true.
But Dualists believe that Reality is Two.

The most famous Dualist was Rene' Descartes
Who thought Matter and Mind are Reality's parts.

Also Muslims and Catholics divide up the Whole
(along with Billie Holiday) into Body and Soul.

Bishop Berkeley for whom

                       Berkeley campus is named
Was a Monist who claimed 

                          only Mind can be blamed
For all we perceive 

                  through the senses that guide us
And the whole starry universe
That only just seems to be living outside us.

That Matter is King is the orthodox creed
Of the Monistic church of the science stampede
Whose catechism states in mathematical patter
That mind is merely some mishmash of matter.

A different foundation has been nurtured among
Atmanspacher, Spinoza, Wolfgang Pauli and Jung
Dual-aspect Monism is beating the drum:
Saying Reality's Heart is unspeakably One.

But this One when envisioned 

                            from multiple stances
Can seem to divide into alien romances.
One kind of cutting makes Matter and Mind
Which humans call life of the everyday kind.

But what if a different style 

                                   of carving up the One
Would give us new experiences 

                            that physics cannot plumb?
By slightly twisting our angle of view
Could we find different ways of being two?

To dramatize this Dual-Aspect Monistic view
I've chosen ZAM as acronym 

                                     for One begetting Two.

(ZAM stands for "Zwei-Aspekte Monismus")

I am ZAM.

As pure white light divides itself
into both red and blue
the fundamental Oneness
splits Herself in two

I am ZAM.
I am ZAM.
I am ZAM.

And best of all, honey,
so are you.

Dr Jabir opens the veil