Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Giraffe Suit

The giraffe suit

Often my search
for the Ultimate Secret
takes an unexpected path.
Today I got a Christmas gift:
the suit of a giraffe.

To identify the unknown sender
I have to use some iPad apps.
Could she be just a human proxy
for the galactic telepaths?

I've just begun my Naked Buddhism
in coming Year of Two Blue Moons.
But I'm not too shy to go giraffic
if I can meet the Others soon.

Superhuman hearts and minds and humor

More complex kinds of happiness
I'll not disdain their weird conditions
Nick is dressing for success.

The giraffe suit: note the tail

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Soul Mate

Samarai Nick

Socrates sez
We're each a part
Of one broken being
That yearns to be reunited.
But take it from me, pal,
Merging with the Opposite Other
Is no picnic.

She's neat and you're messy
Wants sex when you don't.
She's plain and you're dressy
Hangs out where you won't.

You don't really want a soul mate
She's all and everything you're not
You don't really need a soul mate
How about a tetanus shot

Compared to joining with my soul mate
I would pick a firing squad
Making love to such a creature
Would be a lot like fucking God.

You don't really want a soul mate
She's all and everything you're not
You don't really need a soul mate
How about a shot of bot-
    ulinus neurotoxin instead?

You're on time and She's on acid
None of you has half a clue
What the other feels is sacred
What the other thinks is rude.

You don't really want a soul mate
She's all and everything you're not
You don't really need a soul mate
But She's the Reality you've got.

Face it, bozo,
You're addicted
Can't exist without Her touch
Love Her like the Earth loves Sunlight
Yearning for Her much too much.

A dangerous treasure:
What's your pleasure?
To sit alone and masturbate
Or lift the phone and call your mate?

Hello, dear,
I miss you, see?
Feels like
You're part of me.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Jabir Opens Wilsonfest 2017


Prolific local author and thinker Robert Anton Wilson died ten years ago at his home in Capitola, CA. I was one of the many friends who participated in Bob's hospice-assisted passage into the next realm and one of the celebrants at the fabulous Wilson Wake held at the Coconut Grove on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Ten years after his death, Friends of Bob convened RAW Day at the Santa Cruz Arts & History Museum, recorded the proceedings and made the videos available here at the RAW Trust Site which is also busy editing and publishing Bob's literary works in original new formats.

Among the various presenters on RAW Day at the Santa Cruz Museum were R. U. Sirius, co-founder of the Berkeley-based pioneering cyber-psychedelic magazine MONDO 2000, Richard Rasa, head of the publication arm of the RAW Trust, Adam Golightly, Discordian Historian, Erik Davis, author of The Visionary State and Christina Pearson, Bob's oldest daughter. Holding the proceedings together was the hyperenergetic British MC, Daisy Eris Campbell, whose father directed Illuminatus! while she later directed Cosmic Trigger, two big British theatrical productions based on the works of Robert Anton Wilson. The participants at RAW Day included many famous Santa Cruzites, notably Valerie Corrall, David Jay Brown and Suzie Wouk.

For reasons unknown, Doctor Jabir was chosen to open the festivities. In my five minutes I proceeded to tell the story of how I first met Bob and his red-headed Irish wife Arlen; the tale of something Bob stole from me; and a poem on creativity called Kiss My Bare Art -- all captured on video by Daisy Eris.

And sure as sin, Bob Wilson, tonight after uploadin' this wee post, I'll be drinkin' a Guinness in yer honor and hummin' Danny Boy. 

Robert Anton Wilson (1932 - 2007)
Die ewige Blumenkraft