Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Nick Herbert Down Under

Relief Map of Australia

I've never been down there but I've always imagined Australians as living upside down, precariously attached to the Earth by gravity. Now I've learned that an Australian magazine has published one of my blog posts. New Dawn which bills itself as "the most unusual magazine in the world" is based in Melbourne, Victoria, which is the second most populous city in this upside-down-people country.

Checking out some of New Dawn's articles I discovered a well-researched biography of Manly P. Hall, the author of Secret Teachings of All Ages, which I recognized from my days in the '60s working at East-West Bookshop in Menlo Park, as an all-time best seller in its field. Another article describes how today's mass media, through fake news and selective reporting, strives to achieve thought control over those of us who are mesmerized by what we see on our screens -- a very old tale but one which cannot be repeated too often. Also I discovered an article by my friend Dean Radin who describes the undeniable data of serious parapsychologists as "real magic" for our disenchanted times. And a New Dawn article on Masons and Moors outlines the oriental roots of some of today's secret societies including, for instance, the shadowy Moorish Orthodox Church of America (MOCA) through whose dubious authority Doctor Jabir asserts his title "Imam of Radio Beach".

My blog post "Nick Meets an Angel" appears in New Dawn's special issue on The Mysteries of Consciousness and describes one of my early non-drug experiences while living in Berkeley shortly after I moved to California. I'm sure lots of people talk to angels these days but this was Nick's first time.

Dazzle Vision from New Dawn Consciousness Issue