Thursday, July 18, 2019

How Language Happened


Your mouth was made for eat and breathing
But I surmise it could do more.
Let's play-vibrate the air around us
With whispers, howls, quack-quacks and roar.

Let's make air vibes exciting the oyster organs
attached to the sides of our head.
Not seeing, not touching, not tasting or smelling:
Something dangerously different instead.

It's outside the realm of biology, brother;
It's a wholly unnatural act.
But it's on the side of history, sister,
To make a sound stand for a fact.

To make a sound stand for a fact.

I sense that you're a clever creature
not some crude potato sack
So if I risk to make strange sound for you
would you dare to give me strange sound back?

Hey, hey, sweet love dog,
stunningly beautiful work of art.
Let's do it for the fun of it.
Let's do it for the children.

Don't walk.
Let's "talk".

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

New Uses For Water


Do not be deceived
by the sleep-inducing swirls:
deep inside we're quantum tantra
altar boys and altar girls.

Tonight we're sharing a tub together
getting hot, confused,
aqueous and slippery.

In the splash of the bath I see you
baring your breasts, your legs
and your hips for me.

Both of us ready
to enter the mystery.

Can we make some Heisenberg choice,
Feynman gesture, Schrödinger voice
that would spontaneously ignite
Nature's deep quantum witchery?

Then Nature surprised us
filled an unspoken lack
gave us full 

quantum entanglement
while I was scrubbing your back.

Nowhere near a grand cathedral
outside any modern physics club
a brand new doorway into Nature
discovered in our claw-foot tub.